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Corrective maintenance

Immediately manage workers by planning available resources. Keep the history of the entire process from the intervention request to the solution with an exhaustive control of the tasks carried out and the professionals involved.


The intervention and its cost under control

From the moment your client informs you about the need for an intervention until your operator solves it, you will have control of the entire process.

Through a system of reminders and alarms you will be able to complete daily the necessary maintenance tasks in your buildings. The two-way communication with the client and the supplier will allow you to efficiently organize the table of interventions by adjusting and controlling the budgets.

Intervention planning

Task prioritization

Workers control

Compliance with prevention regulations

Generation of work orders

Control of budgets and payments

Stock optimization


Your daily schedule of tasks controlled by those responsible

People responsible for corrective maintenance will be able to generate daily work orders, send them by email or SMS and control the level of execution of each of their professionals. The professionals will inform you in real time of the orders placed and what the next steps are. Your clients will be informed in real time of the status of each of the interventions.