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People counting and analytics for retail

We are experts in people counting and analysis for retail. We provide our clients with highly accurate data for business decision making and for the improvement of their operations, facilities management and analysis of customer behavior.

What we do

tbRetail: Your complete analytics solution

People counting and conversion rate

Accurate measurement of the number of people entering and leaving your commercial space. Conversion rate.

Queue and occupancy management

Queues analitics, dwell time analysis, dropouts, commercial space optimization.

Customer segmentation

Who walks through the door? Height discrimination, information on gender, age. When was the last time you entered?

Planning your staff

Balance the size of the staff and the needs of your customers. We measure the time of interaction with customers and how they do it.

Integration with your ERP, POS, CRM

Multiple data sets on one platform. You will be able to create analysis and obtain more precise conclusions.

Live occupancy control and social distance

How many clients are there at this moment in the space (Live Occupancy). Do they achieve with the recommended social distance?


We are experts in Retail Analytics

Since the beginning we have helped more than 2000 clients in more than 25 countries to make decisions based on data and real facts. Data gives you the power to drive your business and improve efficiency, and that’s why we’re here to offer you a complete solution. Control your conversion rate in real time, know the time spent in queues, analyze hot and cold zones, evaluate the efficiency of your campaigns and the behavior of your customers. We are committed to our clients for the long term.

We create fully connected systems so you can focus on your business

We collect multiple data sets from various sources to measure actual performance. We turn the data into information about traffic flows, customer behavior and conversion rates.

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Key figures on the behavior of your customers

tbRetail is an advanced, easy-to-use retail analytics tool that provides you with advanced data for decision-making. Always ahead of the competition to be relevant to our clients and their businesses.

Conversion rate

Attraction rate

Live occupancy

Queue length

Hot/cold zones

Repetition rate


What our clients say

We wanted a central solution that could cover all our locations in Spain. The solution has a lot of precision.

Alberto Campino

Ilusiona Group

tbRetail measures traffic in our stores, to get an idea of where customers are coming from and when we have the most traffic.

Jose Antonio Rodriguez


We use tbRetail for our monthly statistics and we are comparing the traffic data with the amount of sales.

Lines Mesquida

Dr bloom

We are very satisfied with TecBrain. Your professionalism and the accuracy of your systems are key to our business in all countries.

Alfred Cohen

Sambil shopping centers