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Accurate offer. Tailored to your customers

By knowing the demographics of your customers, you are better prepared to make valuable decisions and achieve business success. With our solution, you get reliable statistics about your customers.


Verify the identity of your customers

Who walks through the door? Gender recognition technology provides a solution that collects credible statistics about your customers. Profile your customers to better configure your offer.

Understanding the demographics of your customers is critical to achieving success in any business.

With height filtering, we can remove or separate children/adults in the counts. From gender-aware technology, you can further profile your customers and target your marketing more specifically.

Filter by height

Distribution by sex

Age distribution

Grouping of purchase units


Properly focus your sales spaces and your marketing campaigns

Who is walking through the door? Gender and age recognition technology provides a solution to collect reliable statistics about your customers. Understanding your customer demographics is critical to the success of any business. Profile your customers and hit their needs.