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People counting and conversion rate

Keep track of every time a person enters and leaves your space in real time and how traffic converts to sales.


Analysis of the complete commercial space and in real time

Know how many people enter and leave a location with up to 98% accuracy, and which entrances are used the most / least. Identify peak times during the day, month or year and optimize your business operations. Track external traffic and get a clear overview of whether your storefronts are attractive. Compare and rank your locations based on performance through hourly or daily updated listings. Integrate tbRetail with your POS system and get insights into how traffic converts into sales.

Real-time conversion rate

Time in line and window shopping

Hot and cold areas

Efficiency of your campaigns

Evaluate the behavior of your customers

Know the outside traffic


Study how sales are related to the traffic of your space

Integrate tbRetail with the POS data from your ERP system to calculate your KPIs. Get real-time insights into key performance indicators like conversion rate.