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tbRetail Analytics

Powerful suite of services that combines state-of-the-art hardware and software using advanced applied intelligence algorithms. It allows to know in detail the behavior of the clients.

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People counting and conversion rate

Queue and occupancy management

Customer segmentation

Staff Planning

Integration with your ERP, POS,...

Capacity control and social distance

Connected systems so you can focus on your business

We collect multiple data sets from various sources to measure actual performance. We turn the data into information about traffic flows, customer behavior and conversion rate.

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People counting and conversion rate

Accurate measurement of the number of people entering and leaving your commercial space. Conversion rate.

People flow
Overcapacity hours
Passers by traffic

Queue and occupancy management

Analyze the queues, length and waiting time, the time spent in the different areas, and abandonments.

Queue management and analysis
Dwell time
Efficiency of displays and shop windows

Customer segmentation

By knowing the demographics of your customers, you are better prepared to make valuable decisions and achieve business success. With our solution, you get reliable statistics about your customers.

Grouping by purchase units
Distribution by sex
Age distribution