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Integrate your data

Integrating multiple datasets on one platform will make it easier to reveal correlations between data. When you combine data from different sources, you can create more detailed analyzes and draw more accurate conclusions.


A single platform

With a serveless digital infrastructure, your work processes will be streamlined and your employees will experience value that positively contributes to daily decisions and work processes.

Access and navigate through multiple data sources with ease by integrating tbRetail with data from your existing systems. Discover correlations and add depth to your analysis. Integrate tbRetail with your ERP, BI, POS, WFM, CRM, and other systems to obtain a comprehensive solution.

Point of Sale Terminal

Workforce Management Systems

Business Intelligence Systems




Study how sales are related to the traffic of your space

Integrate tbRetail with the POS data from your ERP system to calculate your KPIs. Get real-time insights into key performance indicators like conversion rate.