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Strategic data intelligence

Targit Decision Suite your end-to-end analytics platform

Map your BI needs

We’ll guide you through the steps to increase the amount, complexity, and use of data inside and outside your organization on your journey to becoming a data-driven organization with one version of the truth.

Measure what matters

Every BI program should establish the most important metrics before implementing business intelligence for employees. We work with you to prevent information overload and ensure everyone is focused on the most important KPIs.

Establish the best BI strategy

TARGIT’s philosophy revolves around the cycle of observation, orientation, decision and action. We call it the action loop, and we’ll help you define and optimize your BI strategy around these loops so you can make better, faster decisions.

Ensure broad adoption of BI

Implementing a successful BI solution that is adopted across the enterprise requires that the platform precisely match the needs of different users. We help you understand who those users are and how they work best with BI. A tool, a set of skills and a vision for the entire organization.